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Our natural based solution will rid your yard from mosquitoes and other pesky insects for approximately 21 days. Guaranteed 18 out of 21 days. All resprays are free of charge. NO CONTRACT NEEDED.

The Mosquito Eliminators Are Here To Help.

As a founder in the outdoor pest control industry,  no one has delivered more treatments, protected more families and yards, and covered more zip codes than Mosquito Eliminators – it’s not even close.

Fight The Bite With Mosquito and Tick Control

Are mosquitoes and ticks ruining your outdoor fun? Mosquito Eliminators can help you protect your yard with our tick and mosquito treatments.

Misting Systems

Misting system Is designed to make a barrier around the area of your yard you would like protect from mosquitos and other pesky insects. Misting system consist of a 55 gallon drum full of a solution, a control panel on top of 55 gallon drum with a remote control, ¼ inch tubing spread out ever 10 – 12 linear feet with misting nozzles attached in your yard. Misting system control panel timer is normally set for 3 one minute cycles through the day. All solutions are pet and family safe.

Horse Flies

We can add an additional solution to the Barrier spray service to get rid of the horse flies for 30 days.

All solutions are pet and family safe.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Our flea and tick service is normally every 30 days service. We apply a solution that is safe for your pets and family. The solution will be sprayed to the targeted areas needed to solve the problem and hold a residual.

Special Event Spraying

We provide the Barrier Spray service for the event for the total prevention of pesky insects. We will apply a barrier spray around the area needed for protection. Service will be provided 3-5 days prior to the event.

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You...

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but can be dangerous. Learn more about these pests and how you can help control them on your property.

We Guarantee Our Services

Mosquitoes Teeny, Tiny, Silent Disease Carriers.

The mosquito has quite an awful reputation. It has been called the biggest killer on the planet and the most deadly animal in the world. With just one bite it can cause great havoc by spreading devastating illnesses like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Malaria, Chikungunya and even Heartworm in pets.

Mosquito Spraying in Ellisville


Reviews for Mosquito Eliminators Ellisville, MS

Mosquito Eliminators Reviews

J. B. Jackson

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Mosquito Eliminators does a great job keeping mosquitoes away from my yard. I was not able to use my yard due to a tremendous amount of mosquitoes before I called this service. Ledrew and his workers are prompt, efficient and polite. I highly recommend Mosquito Eliminators.

Mosquito Eliminators Reviews

Betty Hagg

starstarstarstarstar (5)

This year will be my 2nd if not 3rd year using Mosquito Eliminators. I do not have mosquitos in my yard. If I get a bite I know it is time for my next spray. If not I just call and they come and spray again. Not to have mosquito’s in my yard is a large plus for me. So glad I called Ledrew. Very nice and professional!!

Mosquito Eliminators Reviews


starstarstarstarstar (5)

Very pleased with the service. Will continue using them.

Mosquito Eliminators Reviews

Whitney Miracle

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Great service and absolutely no mosquitos!

Mosquito Eliminators Reviews

Lee Booker

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Excellent job. The rain kept killing the hanging repellents I was using. I called and got Drew to come out for a spray and got much better results for a longer period of time. I like the fact he uses safe spraying because I have pets that roam freely. The mosquito spray worked over a much larger area and made them go away much faster than waiting for them to bite on one of the hanging devices I had. I am going with the monthly service now so that we can finally use the back yard again!

Mosquito Control in Ellisville Mississippi

Mosquitoes are certainly annoying bugs that we easily get irritated by. They can destroy the enjoyment of being outdoors early in the morning or late at night on a great day. The variety of mosquitoes that are around in a provided place depends upon the environment as well as the quantity of rain. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water so where there is lots of it such as in swamps you will find several mosquitoes.

Getting rid of mosquitoes tends to be a rough job sometimes. There are those parts of the year when you wish to be outdoors however the variety of mosquitoes will keep you inside. Simply smacking them can quickly get rid of them but already they have actually most likely currently taken a bite from you. There are better ways to tackle removing them. 

It is very important to attempt to kill mosquitoes as they are far more than just irritating. They carry with them different diseases that can result in the death of people. You can contract Malaria and West Nile from mosquitoes that are contaminated with them. Do your part to eliminate all of the mosquitoes in your area so that you will not need to worry about contracting them.

It is essential to secure yourself from mosquito bites. As they draw blood from the body they leave locations that are bumpy and inflamed. They also become rather itchy and can even have a burning sensation to them. Placing cortisone cream on them will help to decrease the pain from them, especially for kids.

Lots of types of mosquitoes have been known to bring lethal illness also. You never ever understand which of the mosquitoes out there might have them so always safeguard yourself. Wear bug spray which contains a minimum of 50% DEET. You also need to use long sleeves and pants to cover as much of your body as possible from them. Even so, you have to spray the repellent on your clothes. A lot of the types of mosquitoes can bite through thin layers of clothing.

Some of the types of diseases associated with mosquitoes consist of West Nile and Malaria. Both of them can lead to a person ending up being incredibly ill. The signs are often similar to those of the flu at first. As they progress a person will begin to have internal problems due to their body’s immune system being deteriorated. Malaria also affects the liver which can result in an individual’s internal organs not functioning as they should. without treatment, both West Nile and Malaria can lead to death.

Mosquito Eliminators Barrier Spray Program ensures that you will have a mosquito-free outdoor environment for the entire family. Approximately every 21 days we will visit your home and apply treatment to the designated areas.

Mosquito Eliminators Misting Systems

Misting system is a system that would be installed. The misting system consists of a control panel mounted on a 55-gallon drum. The misting nozzles will be throughout the yard.
Ellisville, MS

About Ellisville, MS

Ellisville is a town in and the first county seat of Jones County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 4,448 at the time of the 2010 census, up from 3,465 at the 2000 census. The Jones County Courthouse is located here, as is much of the county government. The state legislature authorized a second county seat at Laurel, to the northeast, which developed as the center of lumber and textile mills, with a much larger population. Ellisville is part of the Laurel micropolitan statistical area. == History == The town is named for Powhatan Ellis, a former U.S. senator for Mississippi who identified as a descendant of Pocahontas and her father, Chief Powhatan in Virginia. Ellisville was designated as the county seat, and it became the major commercial and population center of Jones County through the early decades of development in the nineteenth century. During the Civil War, Ellisville and Jones County were a center of pro-Union resistance. The county had mostly yeomen farmers and cattle herders, who were not slaveholders. Slaves constituted 12% of the county's population in 1860, the lowest proportion of slaves of any county in the state in 1860, as conditions generally did not support cultivation of large cotton plantations.

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